Downtown Location

Downtown Victoria Location, Dog Daycare, Boarding, Grooming, and Pet Supplies

Perfectly located near the business district, in Downtown Victoria, this location is convenient for those who live or work downtown, and for Visitors who are travelling with their dogs.  Let us entertain and exercise your pet while you are busy working, seeing the sights or going on vacation.


Meet ‘N Greet: At check in we will show your dog to his/her new environment, introduce them to their new doggy friends, and assess compatibility and any special needs. 
Two Group Walks:
are included with daycare & boarding services.  Duration & speed is adjusted to ability …rain or shine!
Indoor playtime: games of fetch & wrestle with their friends & the Ranchers.  Your Cowboy will love Barkville, a special playroom, complete with a wading pool, obstacle deck & lots of toys.  (Don’t worry – everyone will be clean and dry for checkout!).  Cowboys with special needs, such as mobility issues due to age or surgery, will get special walking and playing consideration.
Lunch:  You are welcome to bring a lunch for your pup, in a labelled container.  We do separate the dogs, for feedings, to avoid food fights and allergy concerns.  We also have an assortment of treats, available for purchase, that we can provide.
Comfortable resting spots:  We have a variety of clean & comfortable beds, couches & chairs, throughout the facility for your dog to have a rest, at their leisure.
End of Day Tidy Up: We will give your dog a quick brush ‘n spritz to make sure they are all dry and tidy to go home.  For a full body clean, you might like to request a bath.  All baths, added on to a daycare service, receive a 20% discount.
Paw Points: every daycare day earns your pup Paw Points, which can be redeemed towards any of our retail supplies.  See in-store for details.


Two Groups Walks are included with daycare & boarding services.  All walks are conducted securely on leash, all of the time, with groups organized by compatibility.  We have several options to meet the needs of your dog.
One-hour power walk: great for the fast and furious dogs!  We go visit the neighbourhood parks between Save on Memorial Centre and the Fernwood Community.
Neighbourhood Sniff ‘N Shuffle: ideal for senior dogs, mobility challenged dogs, or just-plain-curious dogs!  We make a 30-minute lap of the closest neighbourhood grass ways.
Puppy Pees: for the wee ones we practice walking on the leash to have potty outside.  The pups are exposed to the sights and sounds of traffic and various people, while feeling secure with their Rancher and maybe one other friend to lend confidence.  We just walk as far as they are comfortable, usually a few blocks.


We welcome dogs, cats, birds and pocket pets for our Exclusive Sleepover service. 

All guests having an Exclusive Sleepover, are supervised by the Night Nannies in a kennel-free home like environment.  Advance booking is strongly recommended, as space is limited.  Longer term boarding is also accepted.  Call to discuss discounted rates. 
*Pets are welcome to bring their favourite washable bedding, or they can use any of our comfortable & clean beds.  We strongly recommend providing their own food, to avoid any belly-issues.  All dietary needs are accommodated, including raw diets, when supplied by Mom and Dad. 
*Supplied medicines and supplements are administered free of charge.
*All boarding dogs receive the daycare services for no additional charge.
*Treat your dog to an end-of-stay bath, so they go home refreshed and happy.  All baths, when added to a boarding stay, receive a 20% discount.
*Treat your dog to our selection of treats, available for purchase.

Paw Points: every boarding stay earns your pup Paw Points, which can be redeemed towards any of our retail supplies.  See in-store for details. 

Cats, Birds and Pocket Pet Boarding

These special Cowboys get the Mezzanine all to their selves, safely up and away from all of the dogs. Services include daily changing of the litter box, daily feeding and fresh water, lines & dishes, complete facility cleaning, and brushing/petting those who will let us.


Whether your dog rolled in dead fish, or you have Grandma coming for dinner, we can bathe your dog for you.  Services include pedicures, ear cleaning, anal glands, brush outs and baths, for dogs only. 
*We do not offer haircut services at this time nor offer grooming services for cats.
Call to make a reservation for grooming, or add the grooming services on to your dog’s daycare or boarding stay.  See prices for details.
Paw Points: every grooming service earns your pup Paw Points, which can be redeemed towards any of our retail supplies.  See in-store for details.

Pet Supplies

Your dog works hard at being adorable and deserves a treat!  We have a selection of treats, toys, walking supplies and grooming supplies.  We try to source Canadian made as much as possible.  Come on in to see our selection!



Price includes a group walk per day part, with speed & duration dependent on ability, lunch if provided, end of day tidy up and applicable taxes.

Item1 Dogs2 Dogs
Full Day:$33.00$60.00
Half Day:$22.00$40.00
Five Star Pass** (15% disc for prepaid 5 days):$145.00$260.00
Five Star Half Pass:$98.00$178.00


Price includes pedicure, bath, blow-dry, lots of kisses to ease stress, and applicable taxes. 
Reservations required.  Discount of 20% when combined with same-day daycare or boarding. 

Pipsqueek-y Clean: (under 5 lbs)                          $22.00
Small Sassy: (short haired or short legs!)$30.00
Medium Mo: (med length, med heights)$60.00
Big Hairy: (the biggest & hairiest!)$90.00
Pedicure only$10.00

Exclusive Sleepover

Price includes Daycare, 2 walks a day, 24 hr supervision and comfortable, kennel free sleeping arrangements with a Night Nanny in the same room.  Special diets & medications can be accommodated at no extra charge.  Second dog from the same immediate family receives 25% discount.  Additional pets receive 20% discount.   Per night (checkout by 1 pm)

Item1 Dog2 Dogs
Per night (checkout by 1 pm): $48.00$90.00
After 1 pm checkout add: $22.00$40.00
Bird and pocket pets (per cage)$12.00 
15% Discount for stays over 14 nights.  No other promotions apply. Some dogs, depending on their needs, will be transferred for their overnight stays to our Douglas location and will be returned to Elk Lake for check out.


– All cats and dogs need current vaccinations, or a health certificate, to attend our services.
– Males over 1 year old are required to be neutered.
– Intact females may not be in heat during, or close to, the time of their stay.
– All dogs must attend, and pass, the assessment before attending our services.
– No check ins for daycare or grooming after 3 pm.

* Dogs must be from the same family to receive discount.
** Five Star Passes are usable with daycare only, can be purchased in multiples, and have a 3 month expiry.
*** Additional charge will apply for late pick-up after business hours: $5/30 min up to 1 hr max.