Cat Boarding Highlights

We are very pleased to announce our Cat Boarding Facility has been approved by the SPCA as being a “very luxurious cat facility which caters to all cats’ needs of space, light and attention.”

The Cats get the Mezzanine all to their selves, safely up and away from all of the dogs.

Services for the cats include daily changing of litter box, daily feeding and fresh water, linens & dishes, complete facility cleaning, and brushing those who will let us.

Social cats get to freely roam the mezzanine.  With a lot of toys, tall scratching posts, and high shelves to jump to and from, there is always something for them to do.

For cats who aren’t social, we have separate large crates for them to rest in.  We then rotate them out for exercise time throughout the day. 

The Cats get to watch the antics of the daycare dogs from their enclosed perch “near the sky”.  With climate control, the Mezzanine never gets to hot or too cold.  With windows on either side of the mezzanine, light and air flow is optimum.

With the care, cleanliness and safety considerations, we provide a very comfortable home away from home for your cat whether for one night or many.  So if you are going on vacation, or just need your cat out of the house for the day (moving day, company coming, renovations) just call us to book your reservation!