Dog & Cat Daycare and Boarding Services

We pride ourselves on providing a fun, stimulating, and comfortable doggy daycare for all our 4-Legged Cowboys & Girl dogs. Whether they visit with us for dog daycare or our kennel-free Exclusive Sleepovers, they will love the variety of activities, toys, and resting spots, all catering to their individual age, size and abilities. Check out our dog blog to see what our furry friends are up to!

Grooming is also available. Please see prices for details.

Cats, Pocket pets, and Birds are welcome to stay for Exclusive Sleepovers. See photos of our Cat Mezzanine at the bottom of this page. Contact us for details.

Daily Dog Daycare Activities:

Meet & Greet: At check in we show your dog to his/her new environment, introduce them to their new doggie friends, and assess compatibility and any special needs.


2 Daily Group Dog Walks: Duration and speed adjusted to ability... rain or shine!

  • One Hour Power Walk - great for the fast and furious dogs! We go visit the neighbourhood parks between Save On Memorial Centre and the Fernwood Community.
  • Neighbourhood Sniffin' Shuffle - ideal for senior dogs, mobility challenged dogs, or just-plain-curious dogs! We make a lap of the closest neighbourhood parks, on average a 30 minute jaunt, in the morning and again in the afternoon.

Cowboys with Special Needs: Dogs with mobility issues due to age or surgery, will be happy to partake in the walks by getting a special ride in the Roadster Woody Wagon or our new Chariot. They get to ride along in comfort and see the sights, while their companions walk beside them. We also have the puppy pack, a backpack for dogs 25 lbs or less who have difficulty walking or are too young to keep up.


Playtime with Each Other and the Ranchers: Your Cowboy will love the Beach Room, complete with a wading pool, sandbox, and lots of toys (don't worry - everyone will be clean and dry for checkout!)! We also dance, play tag, bowling down the hall, and wrestle. Plus we're game for whatever other games your creative dog will come up with!


Rest and Relaxation: There are two lounges, LouLou's Lounge for seniors or quiet-thinkers, and Maxi's Lounge for the large and more energetic. Each have their own couches and multi-level beds, electric fireplace, water troughs and a wagon full of toys. There are also pens for the smallest puppies or the Cowboy who needs to adjust to his/her environment more gently. Each is self appointed with beds, water, and toys. No matter what the room, everyone gets the same fantastic service.

Cowboys needing a lunch or those with extensive food allergies are welcome to bring their own snack. All dogs are fed separately to calm the food-aggressive.


Massage & Tidy Up: At the end of the day everyone receives a full body massage, light face wash, and brushing to make them all refreshed after their fun-filled day!


Checkout: Complete with big hugs & kisses, a parting Party Pack and wishes for a happy return!


Note: Other than the second walk in the afternoon, all Half-Day visitors get all of the same services as the Full Day visitors, including snack & Tidy Up.


Special Considerations: Your pet may require extra feedings (which you provide), medication, assisted physical therapy, or extra outside breaks, through the day. We will happily accommodate any of these special requests at no extra charge. Discuss your pet's requirements with the staff upon check-in.


Exclusive Sleepover Guests: All Overnight Guests are supervised by the Night Nannies in a kennel-free home like environment. Advance booking is strongly recommended, as space is limited. Longer term boarding also accepted. Call to discuss discounted rates. Pets are welcome to bring their favourite bedding or they can use any of our comfortable, clean beds. We also board cats in the mezzanine, birds and pocket pets. Contact us for details.


Grooming Services: Whether your dog rolled in dead fish, or you have Grandma coming for dinner, we can groom your dog for you. Call to make a reservation for grooming, or add the grooming services on to your dog's daycare or boarding stay. We also clip nails, clean ears, and do anal glands. See prices for details.



We are very pleased to announce our Cat Boarding Facility has been approved by the SPCA as being a "very luxurious cat facility which caters to all cats' needs of space, light and attention."

The Cats get the Mezzanine all to their selves, safely up and away from all of the dogs.

Services for the cats include daily changing of litter box, linens & dishes, complete facility cleaning, and brushing those who will let us.

Social cats get to freely roam the mezzanine. With a lot of toys, tall scratching posts, and high shelves to jump to and from, there is always something for them to do.

For cats who aren't social, we have separate large crates for them to rest in. We then rotate them out for exercise time throughout the day.

The Cats get to watch the antics of the daycare dogs from their enclosed perch "near the sky". With climate control, the Mezzanine never gets to hot or too cold. With windows on either side of the mezzanine, light and air flow is optimum.

With the care, cleanliness and safety considerations, we provide a very comfortable home away from home for your cat whether for one night or many. So if you are going on vacation, or just need your cat out of the house for the day (moving day, company coming, renovations) just call us to book your reservation!

Photos by Glenda Hamilton. All rights reserved. Copyright 2014.